Threaded Fasteners & Fixings

We supply to both the UK and  worldwide markets a massive range of threaded fasteners including Major brands like Unbrako & HOLO-KROME, Schnorr, Disc-Lock & Rawl.

We also specialize in one off specials in virtually any material will full certification if needed.

Below is a small selection of what we can do:

| Hex Head bolts & Setscrews in Various thread forms Metric & Fine Metric, Whitworth, UNF, UNC, BSF,  Material Grades 8.8, 10.9, 12.9

| 6 Lobe security screws

| Various self tapping screws Pan head Csk head Stainless steel and Zinc plated

| Coach Screws and Cup Square Hex

| Hexagon Nuts, Cold Formed,  Nylon insert, Nyloc, Plain & Serrated Flange, Slotted, Castle, Binx, Aerotight, Wedge, Connecting, Wing Nurs Turrett

| Dowel pins, Extractable Dowels

| Washers , Repair, Table 1 &2, Square Heavy Flat & Rectangular Spring, Form A B D & E, D shape, Schnorr, Crinkle, Shake Proof, Disc-Lock, Serrated, Butyl, Polyband, Sela,

| Collars

| D shackles

| Collared EyeBolt

| Eye Nut

| Wire Rope Grips

| Rivets, Mild Steel Solid Csk & Cup Head,

| Pop Rivets, Aluminum, stainless Steel, Steel, Copper, Large flange,

| Threaded rod, Mild Steel, HT 8.8 10.9 & 12.9, Stainless Steel A2 & A4, Nylon, Metric, Metric Fine, UNF, UNC, Whitworth,

| Hose Clips

| U Bolts

| Straining Eyebolts

| Hose Clips Terry & Jubilee

| Anti Tamper Screws

| Roofing Bolts & Hook Bolts

| Spring Tension Pins (Sellok Pins)

| Drill Screws

If you don’t see what you’re looking for please call  us (01228 534131) as the above is just a small selection of what we supply.